Alewife Brewing

Queens, NY

Distance from Pearl River, 35 miles

Alewife Brewing Company founders Keir Hamilton & Patrick Donagher are proud to begin introducing the NYC craft beer community to their own brand of impeccable liquids. Keir and Patrick share a vision to produce the finest, top notch brews and both possess a crazy passion for detail and quality. The new partners, each longtime contributors to the beer industry in NYC now unite as one to present mother ALEWIFE!

Lineup Brewing

Brooklyn, NY

Distance from Pearl River: 35 Miles

Formed to bring a unique perspective on traditional beer styles to the local NYC beer scene. Through the informed use and interactions of yeast and hops, we hope to add to the conversation about what is craft beer. We invite you to enjoy an ever rotating stock of unique farmhouse style beers crafted with a passion for the process of brewing and for drinking good beer


Beers Pouring: TBA


Fifth Hammer Brewing Co.

Long Island City, New York

Distance from Pearl River: 30 Miles

Fifth Hammer Brewing Company is a new 15-barrel brewery located in the heart of Long Island City, New York.  Our large taproom has frequent, sometimes spontaneous live music and is open 7 days/week

Beers Pouring: TBA


District 96

New City, New York

Distance from Pearl River: 3 miles

Crafting quality beers in the Hudson Valley. 






Middletown, NY

Distance from Pearl River: 48

Equilibrium Brewery is the culmination of living a good life, creating bonds, sharing stories over great beers, experiences both local and abroad, and over a decade studying environmental engineering at MIT. These are things worth sharing.
Equilibrium Brewery applies scientific principles and a passion for craft brewing to balance drinkability and massive flavor.

Beers Pouring: TBA

Peekskill Brewery

Peekskill, NY

Distance from Pearl River: 28 miles

We're craft obsessed from the top down...Craft is clever, quality and fresh. These are the elements we use to deliver innovation to your table each and every day. Authentic and without pretense. Our mission is to deliver the comforts of a thoughtfully sourced menu in an inspired brewery atmosphere.

Beers Pouring: TBA

Brix City Brewing

Little Falls, NJ

Distance from Pearl River: 22 miles


Nestled in the borough of Little Ferry, Brix City Brewing is one of the newest craft breweries to hit the beer scene in New Jersey. Brix City Brewing is dedicated to bold styled beers that showcase intense flavor profiles and the highest quality ingredients. We make the beer we enjoy drinking, so hopefully you do too.

Beers Pouring: TBA


Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.

Elmsford, NY

Distance from Pearl River: 15 miles

Starting with a 3 gallon pot and a home brewing kit, the idea of 902 Brewing Company fermented into a business in August of 2012. Brew-stablished by Colby Janisch, Tucker Littleton, and Andrew Brown in Hoboken, NJ, 902 pays tribute to the apartment where they took it to the next level. the three found a place on Washington street with enough room to grow into a 15 gallon, all-grain brewing system... and its about time to make the next upgrade.

Beers Pouring: TBA

Broken Bow Brewing

Tuckahoe, NY

Distance from Pearl River: 23 miles

At Broken Bow Brewery our passion towards offering our very best is deeply personal. Family owned and operated, our earliest brews were designed to be enjoyed by family and friends. With those gatherings as our standard, we're committed to delivering every drop with the thoughtful attention to detail that special people and times deserve.

Beers Pouring: TBA


Cricket Hill Brewing

Fairfield, NJ

Distance from Pearl River: 27 miles

Established in 2002, Cricket Hill is one of the oldest craft breweries in New Jersey. With our Year-Round, Seasonal, Small Batch and Reserve brews, we offer a clear alternative to the large commercial breweries.

Beers Pouring: TBA

Defiant Brewing Co.

Pearl River, NY


Beers Pouring: TBA

Keegan Ales

Kingston, NY

Distance from Pearl River: 77 miles

Keegan Ales was founded in early 2003 when Tommy Keegan learned about an empty building in Kingston that nobody would buy because there was a defunct brewery stuck in it! (Although the building was built in the early 1800’s, the building was most recently home to the Woodstock Brewing Company.)
After months of cleaning and rebuilding, Keegan Ales brewed its first batch of beers on August 1, 2003(Tommy’s mom’s birthday) and set out hand-selling beer to local bars and restaurants early September. The first kegs of Old Capital, Hurricane Kitty and Mother’s Milk went to competition at Hunter Mountain that month. Mother’s Milk took home a gold medal and Old Capital was honored with People’s Choice: Best of Show.

Beers Pouring: TBA


Blauvelt, NY

Distance from Pearl River: 6.1 miles

Since inception, our goal was to start an artisanal small-batch brewery that offers beer lovers flavorful artisanal beers that are inspired by different types of foods, fruits, and spices and are of the highest quality and consistency.

Beers Pouring: TBA

Newburgh Brewing Co.

Newburgh, NY

Distance from Pearl River: 39 miles

Honor. You’ll find a good deal of it in everything we do here at the Newburgh Brewing Company. We honor the natural goodness of our ingredients, by working hard to make them shine through in every sip. We honor the rich history of Newburgh, a tough-minded town that’s still as hardscrabble as it was when General George Washington stationed his army here more than 200 years ago. That earnest, pull yourself up by your bootstraps energy still abounds in Newburgh and it’s reflected in the simple, honest flavors you’ll find in our beer. People have been brewing beer in Newburgh since before America was America – it’s a tradition we’re proud to be a part of. Most important, we honor you. We love making beer. We pour our passion into this brewery every day and we are deeply honored each time you choose to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Beers Pouring: TBA


Ramstein Beer

Butler, NJ

Distance from Pearl River: 30 miles

Founded in 1996, High Point Brewing Company is America’s premier brewer of German-style Lagers and Wheat Beers. The founder and driving force of Ramstein Beer is Greg Zaccardi, an award-winning brewer who trained and brewed professionally in southern Germany.

Beers Pouring: TBA


Rushing Duck Brewing Co.

Chester, NY

Distance from Pearl River: 35 miles

Rushing Duck Brewing Company is a small, family owned and operated brewery located in the Historic
District of Chester, NY that began selling beer on draught in August of 2012. Based in Orange County, our beer is distributed throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City by Remarkable Liquids. We produce a wide variety of tasty beers. Hoppy, malty, American-styled, Belgian influenced, barrel aged, sours, you name it. First and foremost we brew beer that we like to drink. We hope you do too.

Beers Pouring: TBA

Sloop Brewing Co.

Elizaville, NY

Distance from Pearl River: 95 miles

Sloop Brewing Co. was founded in December ,2011, by Adam Watson and Justin Taylor, two friends who met at college and bonded over their love for good beer. After college, Adam and Justin took this love for beer one step further and started brewing together. Living in Beacon, NY, Adam and his wife, Amy, would visit the local farmers’ market every Sunday. On a whim, Adam asked the market manager if he could start selling the beer he was brewing with Justin. The manager told him he probably needed some sort of license for that sort of thing. Six months later, after retrofitting Justin’s garage into a nanobrewery and acquiring all the proper licensing, Sloop Brewing Co. was born and began selling their Red C and their Old World Pale Ale in Beacon every Sunday.

Beers Pouring: TBA

Barrier Brewing Co.

Oceanside, NY

Distance from Pearl River: 52 miles

Barrier Brewing Co. is the collaborative effort of brewers Evan Klein and Craig Frymark, located in Oceanside, NY. Brewing their first batches on a 1bbl system (2 kegs at a time!) in June 2010, the two expanded the business to a 5bbl brewhouse in June 2012 which operated for four short months before being severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy. After several months of rebuilding, Barrier reopened in late-February 2013. The brewery currently produces nearly 50 different beers throughout the year totaling 1500bbl annually, all of which is self-distributed throughout the NY metro area.

Beers Pouring: TBA

Doc's Hard Cider

Warwick, NY

Distance from Pearl River: 36 miles

“One of the best cider makers in America today. Absolutely fabulous. From Doc's Draft Hard Apple Cider (great, semi-dry and effervescent refreshment) to the incredibly dry, delicate, and fragrant Doc's Draft Hard Pear Cider, to the tremendous Doc's Framboise, which is a dessert beverage that is on par with any dessert wine out there. The raspberry can be sipped on a long hot day...what a delicious enjoyment. The pear and raspberry are to die for and are absolutely unique! These two ciders rate with the great Belgian ale house, Lindemann's, whose fruit ales are among the best in the world.”
— Carlo De Vito, author of Wineries of the East Coast

Ciders Pouring: TBA

Plan Bee Farm Brewery

Poughkeepsie, NY

Distance from Pearl River: 70 miles

At Plan Bee Farm Brewery our mission is to brew 100% New York State ingredient beer. Our beers are created by the limitation of local resources -from the yeast we cultivate from our honey comb, to the grain and hops in our fields, if it isn’t in our community it doesn’t enter our beer.

Beers Pouring: TBA

Millhouse Brewing Co.

Poughkeepsie, NY

Distance from Pearl River: 70 miles

Mill House Brewing Company opened in the Fall of 2013. For us, it is the culmination of years of professional culinary/hospitality experience, expressive design and construction, and craft beer artistry. Located in the rehabilitated Mill House, Mill House Brewing Company offers a warm, historic and visually appealing setting, casual, yet professional service, food cooked from as close to the source as possible, and artfully crafted ales. For our team, this means the commitment to the amazing farmers, cheese makers, and other artisans that make the Hudson Valley such an amazing place to live.
At Mill House Brewing Company, our philosophy is simple: provide a complete Hudson Valley dining experience, showcasing the region’s most delicious offerings of food, and beer.

Beers Pouring: TBA

Pine Island Brewing Co.

Pine Island, NY

Distance from Pearl River: 47 miles

It’s hard to say exactly when Pine Island Brewing started. You could say the inception dates back to the first time owner, Mike Kraai, popped the top off of a craft beer, or that it was the first time he turned on the burner to brew a home batch.  No matter the date, there was an undeniable love for craft beer combined with a lot of determination that eventually turned a dream into reality.

Beers Pouring: TBA