Upbeat Vintage

The idea came to me at my first clean-out job...


I work part-time for a small local company that does clean-out jobs. An "everything goes" job is really exciting for me, as everything on the premises that isn't nailed down goes to the dump. This is where I step in and salvage hidden treasures buried deep in attics, basements, and garages. I love finding something that is really old, having no idea what it is, and then researching it to uncover its original purpose and history. Oh, and along the way I became obsessed with finding antique meat cleavers. Don't judge. 

That is what Upbeat Vintage offers to Etsy customers: High quality vintage and industrial wares that are beautiful, functional, unique; all having a far better destination...your home!


Virile Barber & Shop


At Virile it is our goal to keep our clients feeling clean, relaxed and fulfilled. Whether you are maintaining the look of a corporate professional to a fashion conscious rebel, your experience here will guarantee the luxury you expect and the style you desire.

As professional barbers and stylists we stay passionate about our field and keeping you on top of the latest trends for men. So sit back, relax and enjoy the decadence of Male Grooming.


Marcelli Formaggi

We are the Marcelli Family; a family made up of Chefs and Specialty Food Industry professionals. We embrace and celebrate the culinary treasures of our ancestral home in Abruzzo. It’s an area of pristine and unspoiled beauty, where one third of the region is comprised of National Parks and called “The Green Heart of Europe”


We specifically import exceptional award winning organic cheese, which is made by our ancestral family in the small mountain village of Anversadegli Abruzzi, population 300. We also import other specialty products from the same village and area, such as, extra virgin olive oil from 1000 year old orchards, savory mountain honey, pasta and the saffron of L'Aquila. All of these products are EU certified organic and are made by small family producers.

These are not just products placed in bags, bottles and jars. They are products that come from small families who embrace and celebrate centuries of tradition. Ancient knowledge, hard work and dedication, craft these gifts of pastures, fields and orchards.

Little Cake


A Little Cake (Le Petit Gateau), bakery in Park Ridge NJ, was established by Leo Sciancalepore and John Chayka in 1999. Located in prestigous Park Ridge NJ. A little Cake continues to flourish and satisfy our retail and wholesome customer. A Little Cake offers a full line of quality Italian French and American baked goods and pastries in Park Ridge and surrounding areas, all prepared by expert bakers, with the finest ingredients. Custom cakes in Park Ridge for all occasions are a staple; from wedding cakesbirthday cakes or sculpted cakes, we can customize any cake as per customer’s request. We also have a full line of wholesale products that service hotels, country clubs, banquet halls, restaurants and customers.